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12. october 2016 at 22:46 | veroniei |  Unclassified.
So I started to attend a university precesily a month ago. My domain is called English language in business but if I have to be honest, the subjects are mostly about English and I haven't really learnt much about economics so far. I don't really mind it because this field was never my cup of coffee. Today I wrote a test from economics, what to say... I was on a party yesterday so I'm not quite sure or even confident about the result. Anyway, why am I writing in English? Our lecturer gave us this task. To write daily at least 50 words in English as our diary or whatever. So I'm trying to produce something here. Definitely I'm not going to dazzle you but I'm at the beginning of my studies and it will get better by the time. I just have to practice. And I thought that my page is a great place to share some of my bullshits. Please, excuse my today's English, I'm aware of that today it is on a very bad level. That will be enough for today a hopefully I'll come back tomorrow to continue in my task. Oddly, I'm prone to communicate more in English than in Czech. I presume it would be because of my love to the language.


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