January 2016


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Můůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůůj sendvič?
,,Říkají mi mentál Geller.
Vždycky jsem chtěl mít drsnou přezdívku."

One Day.

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Before Christmas holiday I saw a romantic comedy which was always my favourite genre. This genre is often regarded as predictable and clichéd for undiscerning audience but I like to rest a little. It is named One Day and made in 2011 in the USA by American director Lone Sherfig. It was made by an eponymous book which was written by David Nicholls. My favourite actress Anne Hathway stars in this film and an appealing actor Jim Sturgess gained me after few minutes watching it.
The story begins when Emma Morley played by Anne Hathway meets Dexter Mayhew (Jim Sturgess) on a party after their college graduation. They spend one whole day together - 15th July 1988. In spite of their symphathies they stay friends for the rest of their lives. Every year they have spent 15th July together for twenty years. Each year reveals how they have changed, what the life has brought and they confide with their successes and failures.
She works as a waitress who wishes to be a novelist one day and dreams of making the world a better place to live. He comes from a wealthy family and easily underlies the traps. On the other hand they complement and are perfect for each other.
The broadsheet the Guardian depictured this artwork as a waste of a good tome. I firmly disagree with an opinion that the novel has been transferred to the big screen as a banal romcom. I may like clichéd films but at least I enjoy them properly. Fortunately a friend of mine has a similar passion so we can watch these kinds of films together.
There is a huge twist at the end and even a tear dropped down but I can't regret seeing it. I would recommend to anyone who doesn't have prejudices and like accepting new stuffs and feelings.
And the music? It speaks for itself. Ladies and gentlemen, play the button of spectacular Rachel Portman!

Em: "I'm not lonely, I'm just alone."